Change Mat - WHOLESALE pack of 2

MSRP $17.50 each



ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately, this accidentally got left behind. It will be joining the next shipment scheduled in July. You may order now to reserve the qty you want and we will ship them soon as they arrive, or you can order later but we cannot guarantee stock availability. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

    PAPER, Change Mat - WHOLESALE pack of 2

    • Introducing the Bebeboo Change Mat.


      Features :

      • Size MATters!!!  Approximately 19x27 inches perfect for diaper changes in public restrooms, camping, or even as an extra layer of protection on your changing table.
      • Perfect for travel as it is lightweight and folds thin, or fold it into thirds and roll. Secure roll with a snap-in closure. 
      • Durable waterproof PUL is paired with a layer of soft bamboo viscose. 
      • The bamboo viscose layer is absorbent enough to catch little accidents and can double as an emergency towel for impromptu splash pad trips.


      Fabric Content :

      (PUL) polyurethane HEAT laminated POLYBLEND fabric

      Bamboo Viscose


      Note :

      • Prints are non-positional, will vary and may look different from the photos.
      • Wash before first use. 
      • Machine washable, tumble dry low or hang dry