NEW PRODUCT: Wet Bag, Small - WHOLESALE pack of 2

MSRP $11.25 each


    AZTEC, Wet Bag, SMALL - WHOLESALE pack of 2

    • Bebeboo Small size wet bag is perfect for diapers but also for 1,000,001 other things!


      These are designed to be versatile and can be used for dirty or wet clothes, used bibs or cloth wipes, bathing suit and just about anything else. Take it to the daycare, park, or even to the pool and the beach.


      Use it for travel organization, car organization, playroom organization, etc. The possibilities are endless.


      Features :

      • Approximately 30x23 cm, 11"x9" 

      • Fits about 2 sets of pre-stuffed diapers

      • Has two snap handles for convenience. Hang it on the stroller, backseat, bathroom, etc or snap them together for ease of carrying

      • Snap the two handles together and use it as light purse for your errands.

      • Made with water-resistant PUL material (please note, they are suitable for wet items, but not soaking wet - please squeeze out any excess water before placing in bag)

      • Machine washable, tumble dry low or line dry


      Fabric Content :

      Water-resistant  Outer : (PUL) polyurethane HEAT laminated POLYBLEND fabric


      Note :

      • Prints are non-positional, will vary and may look different from the photos.
      • Wash before first use.