Losing a loved one can be devastating, grief is so much harder when you have to be the one to play the strong part. You have to keep denying what you feel simply because you have to. Bebeboo was a project born out of severely turbulent emotions. Emotions that were then unidentified, self-denied and often swept under the rug. Bebeboo helped a mama cope with these emotions.

Out of all the possible projects why did I choose cloth diapers? My cloth diaper journey is weird. Our firstborn was cloth diapered because my wonderful mom used it. Back then I liked the idea of cloth diaper as a money-saving option, but I found it gross and inconvenient. Thus we only used it part-time. That was the young me who didn't know better. When we were pregnant with our second child we were hit with tough financial times which lead me to research on money-saving options and stumbled on cloth diapers again. Our then situation and the lack of proper guidance pose several challenges to cloth diaper full time. As soon as we found out we were expecting our third child I knew right away we will use cloth diapers. We used cloth not for financial reasons but because I know it is better for our baby and for our family overall, all other benefits are just icing on the cake. We have successfully cloth diapered our third baby full-time at home and at daycare.

I have learned so much from both journey - starting Bebeboo and having our third child in cloth diapers full-time. I also met so many wonderful people in person and online, many of which I am privileged to call friends.

When I started the research for Bebeboo it was just to serve as a distraction from my emotions. This distraction eventually turned into a hobby. This hobby then turned into a passion.  Bebeboo has allowed me to help others, educate people about cloth diapers, and most specially Bebeboo has given me a platform to share about other issues and topics I care for. This and more was enough reason for me to continue this endeavor despite challenges.

Thank you for supporting a small business.  

Thank you for supporting a dream.

And thank you for considering cloth diapers.

~ Much love,

Thea and Bebeboo Cloth Diapers

Why choose Bebeboo?

Every choice has the power to impact the world around us. Bebeboo's Mission is to provide products that are:

  • Affordable 

    One of the challenges of choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is the cost. At Bebeboo we want to provide affordable products to help you ease into the transition of minimal to zero waste lifestyle.

  • Durable

    We go through several prototypes and product testing before we launch a product. We stand behind our products 100%.

  • Adorable

    We know that how things look has an impact on how we feel about it. There we aim to bring you adorable prints and designs to make cloth diapering even more fun! 

  • Sustainable

    We constantly strive to do better and find more sustainable ways of operating Bebeboo.

  • Ethical

    We chose to work with a small family-owned manufacturing company where production is organized and better handled, employees work standard set of hours in a safe environment, and paid above minimum wage,