In recent days, we received a good number of messages seeking advice, mostly from parents interested in switching to cloth diapers. Parents switch to cloth diapers for various reasons; some to avoid chemicals in disposable diapers; some as part of their eco-conscious choices; and some due to financial constraint.

As we all adjust to the new norm of major social distancing in order to preserve life, we are also bracing economic uncertainties. Many families are affected by reduced work hours and lay-off. Some parents face a shortage of diapering supplies, while some face a shortage of finances and having to choose between diapers and food.


To further assist in this great time of need, Bebeboo is extending a 25% DISCOUNT TO FIRST-TIME ORDERS (since we rebranded in June 2019)


This is a limited time offer to assist parents looking to switch to cloth, cloth diaper parents interested in trying out Bebeboo.


Use code "new2020" at check-out to apply 25% discount on your first order
*codes expire 07/31/2020

*excludes new releases
*one code per transaction
*code cannot be used in conjunction with store credit, other promo code or discount codes
*we reserve the right to cancel orders that do not qualify to the above-mentioned limitations