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Bebeboo Flex Petite Cover
flex petite
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Choice Shell - One Size
Flex Cover - One Size
Flex Cover - Petite Size
Fits newborns up to approximately 15lbs babies
Wet Bags
available in two sizes
Change Mat
Inserts & Wipes
Noleo 3-in-1
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Free Cloth Diaper 101

Are you expecting and interested in using cloth diaper for your new baby?


Have you been wanting to switch to cloth diapers but is overwhelmed with all of the information you gathered online?

Or are you simply just curious about cloth diapers?

If you are local to us - Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada please send us a message to arrange a meet-up.


Let's chat about cloth diapers. Let us walk you through. We'll even show you our cloth diapers and accessories so you can see and feel them in person.  And yes, that's for free!

Follow us on social media for our cloth 101 class schedule.



Follow us on Instagram and facebook for local event announcements and updates.

Some of our events are

- The Great Cloth Diaper Change (aka GCDC)

- FluffDate (cloth diaper baby play date)

- Cloth 101 (Free cloth diaper class, group & individual)

- Baby expos, and so much more

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